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Used machine: Thermoformer Used ILLIG RV53 of 2012 for sale

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Thermoformer - ILLIG - RV53

Data Sheet of Used ILLIG RV53

Ref. : 300039480

Brand: ILLIG

Year: 2012

Other Specifications:

less then 9.000 hours in production, very good conditions

Forming area max. 500 x 350 mm
Mold width between material transport max. 516 mm
Mold length in feed direction max. 366 mm
Mold height on upper table max. 130 mm
Mold height on lower table max. 50 mm
Material width max. 550 mm
Index length max. 380 mm
Part height above material level
max.100 mm
Part height below material level max. 30 mm
Cycle speed with process optimization max. 22 1/min.

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